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Security systems monitor your location with cameras 24x7x365. The cameras are installed within and around your business to provide your protection to your company. All cameras record images and some also record audio.


Types of Cameras:

Basic or Fixed: Provide basic images and cannot be change direction or move.

Pan, Tilt, or Pan – Tilt – Zoom: Can be moved and adjusted. They can change direction or zoom in on a particular object as well as tilt or spin to monitor areas outside of a basic cameras range.

Analog: Most prevalent and are connected directly to a digital video recorder.

Wireless or IP: Provide images that are transmitted to a remote location. The system is wireless to ensure the camera feed is constant and invulnerable to wires being cut.

Night Vision: Use infrared technology to ensure footage can be gathered even when its dark.

Exterior: Weather-proofed to ensure they operate in rugged conditions.

Motion- Detection: Begin recording when they sense movement to prevent recording hours of useless images. Some can also lock on a moving object and follow it as it moves.

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